What is a worthwhile trip?

Your travel time is an important part of your life!

Did you know that the average person spends about 2 years of their life commuting?

Woorti is the cool flying squirrel coach that will help you understand how you experience travel time!

While some people like to study or work when they travel, others relax and disconnect. Some people take the opportunity to exercise, or just to jumpstart their day with music.

Everyone defines what worthwhile travel time is in their own different way.

Make your journey worthwhile:


Using travel time to get things done, not only to work or study, but also for personal things.

Make your journey worthwhile:


When you walk, run and cycle on your travels, you’re choosing to contribute to your health and to keep yourself in shape.

Make your journey worthwhile:


Taking time to enjoy your life by relaxing or having fun whilst you travel. You can do things like listen to music, engage in social media, or even just watch the world go by.

  • While traveling Orla discovers great new songs.

    Download Woorti and discover your travel time.

  • While traveling Paul plans his work agenda for the day.

    Download Woorti and discover your travel time.

  • While traveling Lara takes a walk and enjoys the city.

    Download Woorti and discover your travel time.

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Data protection.

This app is part of the European Union MoTiV project, researching travel time. The Woorti app collects anonymised data on:

  1. Your trips (time, location and transport used);
  2. Your expressed preferences and searches within the app.

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